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dd. 28-01-2018
2014Victor Seco (University of Lisbon) & Marcel van MarrewijkAn integral Organization Framework272
2010Marcel van Marrewijk
A typology of institutional frameworks supporting corporate sustainability May edition, Journal of Technology and Investments (TI)]
2010Marcel van Marrewijk
Strategic Orientations; Multiple ways for implementing sustainable performance  May edition, Journal of Technology and Investments (TI)]
2010Marcel van Marrewijk
The Cubrix, integral value-driven framework for organizational developmentJanuary, Journal of Technology and Investments (TI)]
2010Marcel van Marrewijk
A Value-Based and Multi-Level Model of Economic systemsJanuary, Journal of Technology and Investments (TI)] 177
2005Marcel van Marrewijk
Multiple levels of decisionmaking: ethical management in various business contextJournal of Management and Decision Making296
2004Marcel van Marrewijk, Iris Wuisman, Wim De Cleyn, & Lassi LinnanenA phase-wise developmental approach to business excellence Journal of Business Ethics35628
2004Marcel van Marrewijk & Hans BeckerThe hidden hand in cultural governance: the case of Humanitas’ ten year period of transformationJournal of Business Ethics
2004Marcel van MarrewijkThe social dimension of organizations: recent experiences with Great Place to Work® assessment practicesJournal of Business Ethics30363
2004Marcel van MarrewijkA Value Based Approach to Organization Types: Towards a coherent set of stakeholder-oriented management toolsJournal of Business Ethics
2004Marcel van Marrewijk & Gerard ZwetslootQuality to Sustainability
Journal of Business Ethics2051
2003Marcel van Marrewijk & Teun HardjonoEuropean Corporate Sustainability Framework - for managing complexity and corporate transformationJournal of Business Ethics65381
2003Marcel van Marrewijk & Joanna TimmersHuman Capital Management: new possibilities in people managementJournal of Business Ethics33192
2003Marcel van Marrewijk & Marco WerreMultiple Levels of Corporate Sustainability (CS) 
Journal of Business Ethics3101522
2003Marcel van MarrewijkConcepts & Definitions of CSR and CSJournal of Business Ethics10502671
2003Marcel van MarrewijkCorporate Sustainability Conference 2002: The impact of CSR on management disciplinesJournal of Business Ethics1161
2002Marcel van MarrewijkEuropean Corporate Sustainability Framework for managing complexity and corporate transformationJournal for Business Performance Measurement41104
2001Marcel van Marrewijk & Teun Hardjono
Social Dimensions of Business ExcellenceInternational Journal of Corporate Sustainability61450

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